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November 28 2015

Tips Memasak Steak Tempe Saus Kacang

Tips Memasak Steak Tempe Saus Kacang - Friday, the last day ngantor, nyari time for haha hihi hangout with friends while unwind after work stress once weekly. Fortunately, in the city of Bandung many providing a cool hangout to spend with my friends. Last Friday, the place that made my choice is the Tree House Cafe. Cafe is located Jalan Hasanuddin No. 5 Bandung, adjacent to Ngopi Doeloe and Rs St. Borromeo.   
Tree house Cafe has a wide resep steak tempe. From the outside, this cafe looks unremarkable, but once got into it, we can feel the atmosphere of vintage. There are three choices of room in which we want to enjoy our food, indoor space with the eating places such as couches, homely atmosphere is felt in this part of the Tree House.   
Semi outdoor seating with a choice resep bubur kacang ketan hitam of wooden chairs and tables lined up neatly. The top was decorated with fabrics and lanterns are arranged beautifully. Or you want to enjoy your food while sitting on the floor in the hut? Two huts are available on the veranda yard can be a place you haha hihi you with my friends.

Memasak Ikan Asam Manis Bumbu Balado

Memasak Ikan Asam Manis Bumbu Balado - Main to Bogor and enjoy the cool atmosphere ujan overcast season, weve delicious meal anget-anget ya. For me Messiah anget and delicious food especially if not meatballs. One of the famous meatballs in Bogor in areas that are well known Bantarjati loads culinary. Here there are sellers who are already famous meatball rolls really, curious as to what the heck the meatball rolls that?   
His name is resep ikan asam manis pedas Bragi Roll meatballs. The exact location in Jalan Palayu Kingdom (Tegal gundil), Bogor. If we see the usual meatballs that it is round, if this roll meatballs unique shape, which is cylindrical. Dough balls of meat rolled by using beancurd. In addition to the unique shape, roll meatballs also has a unique texture, chewy meatballs and bean curd are little krisppy and clay. Although the unique shape, but mmiliki distinctive flavor and tasty, it is owned by the uniqueness of this roll meatballs actually makes a lot of people hooked.   
The menu presented here is diverse, there are the resep pepes tahu usual roll meatballs, there also continues to roll + meatballs meatballs, and there is also a complete meatball (meatball rolls + uric + meat). Faforit me here is meatballs, meat cincangnya hidden in meatballs, meatballs tasted awful and also has a soft texture. To accompany this dish meatball rolls, we can choose yellow noodles, rice noodles and vegetables, as well as enjoying the usual common meatballs.

Cara Masak Tongseng Kambing Kuah Bening

Cara Masak Tongseng Kambing Kuah Bening - I emang passable hooked very same duck dishes. Some types of eating houses the famous duck I've cobain. Place the duck that I have not cobain is fried duck H Slamet (original) Kartosuro - Solo. He said this place has a different concoction from the menus of other ducks.

One of them fried duck H Slamet I visit this time is that in Jalan Wr Supratman No. 49 Bandung.   This is actually the resep tongseng kambing first time I tried to feed the ducks H. Slamet. And one duck H Slamet I often skip is in Jl Wr. This Supratman. After looking at the reviews on google, I finally ventured to try the duck H. Slamet.

after I try resep tempe mendoan purwokerto good, duck fried concoction emang H Slamet for me it feels really different. Flavor, aroma and processed meat is special duck, duck were tender and tasty emang ga is unrivaled, so deserve wrote that this place is always full of visitors. The main menu here is indeed a duck, but if you do not like duck, there are also other menu ga ie less delicious fried chicken that tastes the meat does not lose very tasty and tender.

Fried duck H Slamet this menu only provides a menu of duck and chicken wrote. But although the menu only two types, the menu emang so favorite citizens of Bandung. You are also hooked same emang duck dishes, this place could be on a new eating place for you.

September 07 2015

Apparently Lasagna Cooking Experience Easy

Apparently Lasagna Cooking Experience Easy - But lately making bean curd can be handled and processed into more practical by using gelatin powder. how easy it is soy milk mixed with gelatin powder then bring to a boil, then just deh cooled while submerged in water. the use of gelatin powder in the manufacture wedang beancurd making bean curd becomes quickly hardened. consequently if it hardens will be as various puddings in general.
But this way beancurd still tastes good, tender and so nyess when eaten as if melted in the mouth. beancurd usually served with a sauce of sugar, ginger and pandan leaf that tastes good, warm and very refreshing. suited served http://www.sukamasak.net/2015/04/resep-lasagna.html during the afternoon or evening when the rainy season, winter and during fasting. oh yes, when home no soy milk, you can also make curd by using a ready-made soy milk is usually sold in the market to make it more convenient and practical.
But remember, choose fresh fresh soy milk yes, so the results are better and more fress. if you make beancurd with sekau powder, in addition to good process into Wedang Curd, curd it can also be processed into a variety of home-cooked meals are tasty and delicious tablets. Saute like Curd, Curd Cooking Kuah, capcap Curd, Curd meatballs, shredded http://www.sukamasak.net/2015/04/resep-macaroni-schotel.html chicken fireworks Know, Soups Tie Curd, Curd Mushroom Soup, Soup Tofu Egg flower and others.
Well, since we use Practical Ways In Making fireworks Know, then we can only process the bean curd into Wedang Curd Kuah Warm Ginger alone. although it could be called Curd KW, but the taste is not lost with Curd Original Semarang. well, for those of you who want to make yourself at home, yuck listened Ingredients and How to Make Wedang Curd like the following.

More Delicious Where Lumpia vs Pizza

More Delicious Where Lumpia vs Pizza - Wedang know or often called Wedang Curd Kuah Ginger is a warm dish made from soy. for its advanced products still usually made of plain soy milk. warm drink made of curd this is a typical drink uterus. out of nowhere origins, but wedang beancurd very popular in the city of Semarang.
Beancurd shape if seen look very similar to the egg tofu yes. have the same soft texture and has a white color slightly pale, arguably similar to Chinese Tofu or Tofu White. As well as the Wedang Know and Curd Kuah Ginger warm http://www.sukamasak.net/2015/05/resep-lumpia.html drink tasty and fresh is also known as Tahwa. Tahwa are in Indonesian its meaninglessness Curd.
Tahwa or wedang original bean curd made from soy milk fresh in the fermentation process coupled with sekau powder. the use of powder sekau here makes plain soy milk may agglomerate and produce clots like silken tofu or pudding with a creamy texture. well, for those of you who do not know what it sekau, sekau is medicine know that soymilk can be separated from the water, creating a denser texture. http://www.sukamasak.net/2015/03/resep-pizza.html or stones know this can be found in Chinese drug stores or grocery stores nearby pastry. , to use sekau we will need a long time to get beancurd delicious and tender to perfection, and if diihat glance it looks like once the porridge Marrow one snacks that are still popular today.

August 12 2015

Various Kinds Most Delicious Kue Kering

Various Kinds Most Delicious Kue Kering - Corn Pudding, one type of pudding which pretty much demand. Make no mistake, the texture of the corn pudding is equally gentle with other pudding. For a taste, you can judge for yourself after you have successfully made the corn pudding with the help of recipes that I share the following. Yuuk consider the following steps to create a soft corn pudding addictive.

1. First of all corn puree with some http://www.sukamasak.net/2015/05/resep-kue-kering.html coconut milk or milk can also use a liquid, then strain that corn pudding later have a soft texture.
2. Then boil the dough and the remaining coconut milk, then mix it with gelatin. Next add the sugar, salt and pandan leaves.
3. When it is boiling, please turn off the heat and chill the dough for a while. Take some dough, mix the egg yolks, then stir until well blended. 4. Mix the dough back with the other, then simmer return the dough using a small flame.
5. Pour the batter into the cup / pudding mold that has been prepared in advance, let stand a minute, then plug it into a pudding in the refrigerator.
6. The corn pudding ready to be served while cold.

Hopefully you managed to make http://www.sukamasak.net/2015/02/resep-bolu-kukus.html corn pudding is in line with what you would expect. Do not forget, sisain for the family, do not devoured all the tables well, hehehhe. Consider also some dessert recipes that no less delicious with corn pudding

Cooking Brownies Kukus Quickly

Cooking Brownies Kukus Quickly - probably hear this name is not foreign to our ears. Because the typical culinary origin South Kalimantan is already very well known in the archipelago. What more if you come to South Kalimantan, in particular the town of Banjar, you will easily find stalls hawking lined soto Banjar typical cuisine menu for the culinary connoisseur archipelago.

Fresh and delicious taste very dominant in this type of soup, especially if the blend of spices will provide a fitting soup taste delicious soup Superr. At first glance, not much http://www.sukamasak.net/2015/02/resep-brownies-kukus.html different from other types of savory dishes that exist in Indonesia. Little difference is this soup does not use turmeric as an ingredient marinade. And that makes it unique, Soto Banjar Typical stew served with cassava, but it also is the use of cake as a substitute for rice.

1. Boil 1 whole chicken already cut into 4 sections until the meat becomes tender. If it is already cooked, remove, drain and shredded small-shredded.

2. Onion, garlic, pepper, and crushed pepper. Then, tumislah spice puree with butter. set aside.

3. Boil chicken broth back former chicken stew 1, Insert materials such as: stir the seasoning on http://www.sukamasak.net/2015/02/resep-donat-kentang.html number 2. cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, chives, celery, salt and flavoring to taste. Boil the chicken broth to a boil.

4. While waiting, glass noodles and dry noodles soaked with warm water for a minute. Then drain. Then the system in a serving bowl, put slices of boiled egg and shredded chicken on top.

5. If everything is arranged and chicken broth is boiling and cooked, pour a bowl of noodle order earlier sound.

6. Tambahkanbahan appendages such as potato cakes, lemon, chili sauce, soy sauce and soup banjo so that you make more steady.
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